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Cryoskin NMS

NMS© by Cryoskin® is the only technology in the world allowing to burn fat (subcutaneous or visceral) and build muscle simultaneously. You can work the glutes, thighs, arms, calves, abdominals and obliques, and combine up to 5 muscle groups at the same time. It combines both technologies in a new and powerful form, allowing you to obtain target results: mass gain, strengthen, sculpt, tone, firm…


  1. Work simultaneously on 4 muscle groups with 2 applicators and 16 sensors.

  2. Adjust the intensity for each muscle group separately to isolate your objectives.

  3. Change the parameters using the tablet at any time during the session to increase the results.

  4. The intensity of the Neuro-Muscular pulses is gradually increased during the session without the sensation of brusqueness or overstrain.

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