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IV Drip Bar 

 IV Therapy available for weight loss , energy, immune system boost, hair , nails and skin rejuvenation. Boost your body's max potential with IV therapy.

Our IV Drip Bar department ensures your IV drip treatment is specially crafted by our pharmacist and chock full of fluids, antioxidants, vitamins, medicines and nutrients to help tackle a number of common symptoms people experience when you're not feeling your best.


We have a variety of IV drips to help alleviate an array of symptoms and conditions such as migraines, dehydration, hangover, chronic pain, or you can create your own custom IV drip right in our in-house IV Drip Bar department. 


  1. Boost your body's max potential 

  2. Improve your immune system

  3. Promotes and supports weight loss

  4. Skin Regeneration

  5. Severe and Fine Wrinkle Reduction

  6. Acne Scarring

  7. Pigmentation

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